JYRO Petra

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Whatever you thought you knew about canopies, hit reset. Petra signals a first for canopy piloting: the hyper performance wing. The JYRO Petra is the arrival of a game-changing adjustment in the way we think about flying parachutes. With a high roll rate, a long recovery arc and high maximal glide ratio, Petra delivers unrivalled power in the turn, plane out and flare. Combined with a highly elliptical planform and very high sweep, a record-breaking wing is born.


The JYRO (previously Icarus Canopies by NZ Aerosports) Petra will change you forever. She will make you do things, bad things, nasty distances that you thought were impossible. Her secret is a high end never-seen-before design made of polyurethane-coated nylon that adds efficiency and reduces drag from an already ridiculously fast and agile wing. Snap, turn, whipping around and rippin' it on the pond in ways you never considered trying - Petra is like a bike pump for your balls.

She emerged from JYRO (previously NZ Aerosports') Summer of Love R&D Project. With founder Paul "Jyro" Martyn's design expertise and Aerodynamics engineer Julien Peelman's knowledge of Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD), computer modeling of airflow was used to analyze and predict the performance of a canopy's shape.

Petra stood out from the previous prototypes. She was the result of over 30 years of JYRO (previously Icarus Canopies by NZ Aerosports) design experience and Julien's fresh input.

She is completely different to any other canopy currently on the market, built from the ground up with entirely new panel shaping and trim. She's the sexiest canopy around - and she can swoop-for-fucken-miles!


Petra Features from JYRO on Vimeo.

Flight Characteristics

What can I expect when I fly the JYRO Petra for the first time?
Like a confident, strong woman, Petra takes a little getting to know. But once you do you'll never look back. Her harness sensitivity feels a bit unnerving at first - but it's all in the hips baby!

When you open, pick a point as a reference, widen your chest strap and slowly remove the panties RDS. Once off, take your time putting it away, and keep thinking about those hips! Once the brakes are off you might feel like you're back in freefall. This is a seriously fast parachute. Everything will feel overly reactive. Harness, toggles, fronts and rears require subtle inputs until you get to know her a little better. If you don't treat her right, she WILL bite!

Who is Petra for?
The JYRO Petra is a full sail competition specific swoop canopy. She isn't designed for everyday jumping, or the everyday jumper, but for the experienced competitive canopy pilot who has thousands of jumps on small highly loaded crossbraced canopies.

To order a JYRO Petra you MUST have:

  • 700+ jumps on a 2.2wl or above
  • 250+ jumps in the last 12 months
  • A reference from a respected coach/swooper or Petra/Peregrine pilot
  • Have competed at least once in the last 12 months (or competed 3 or more times in Open in the last 3 years)

If you fall narrowly outside these minimums but have something else to take into consideration (i.e. high percentage of swoop specific coached jumps or lots of competition experience but not within the last year) let us know

Am I ready for Petra?
Do you have a good coach? Does your coach say you are ready? Do you meet the requirements above? Petra is a professional tool for pilots who fly for food. If you don't have a coach to ask if you're ready, then you're not ready. This wing is a custom, special order item with options not found anywhere else in the industry.

Petra opening are firm but not hard. She is totally fine to be taken terminal. Her terminal openings can be described as brisk, but totally doable.

Highly sensitive, especially at higher wing loadings.

Stall Point
Warning: High speed stalls are very possible if inputs are too abrupt.

Range, range and more range. Very responsive and powerful. We promise, you'll love them.

Very light, easy to manipulate even from full drive.

This is the most high performance wing you can buy - so much so that we coined a new phrase with the JYRO Petra - the hyper-performance wing.

The Dive
Very long and steep. She hisses.

Long recovery - requires pilot input for level flight.

Very powerful and responsive.