AAD Service and Rental

Mee Loft NZ will take the hassle out of AAD servicing for you. We have dealerships with AAD manufacturers and are able to navigate the shipping maze on your behalf.  While your AAD is away for servicing, we can offer you a rental unit so you can keep jumping your own gear!

We also know that one of the hardest part of sourcing used gear is that often the AAD is either expired or the rig has been sold without one. 

Our AAD rental rates offer you the flexibility you need to keep jumping your own gear, even if your ADD is unavailable. 

Click the links below to rent an AAD for 

$100 / Monthly Rental

$350 / 6 Monthly Rental

$550 / Annual Rental

If you just need one for a boogie or a weekend due to a special event please ask how we can help.

Please complete the Rental Form for more information if you have questions.