Sky Snatch 2

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The SkySNATCH 2 builds on the toroidal arc PC concept that has proven to be the most stable PC in the industry. The three dimensional partial toroidal shape is the most technically advanced design in skydiving. Simply put, the it is the most efficient and stable PC available.

Our kill-line pilot chute system for skydiving comes standard with an 8' bridle (from pin to PC attach-point, 11' in total), attachment maillons, and a carbon fiber handle. It's designed to work with D-bags with a bottom grommet size of #4 or #5 only.

The SkySNATCH 2 comes in 2 sizes: 26" and 30". Both are constructed from ZP with six gores, apex vent, kill-line bridle, and a carbon handle.


* for particular colour options please call 0475 301 528