G35 Inner Liner

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Cookie make 3 shell sizes for G35 Helmets (XS/S, M/L, XL/XXL) with different size inner liners, so you can change the inner liner to make your helmet fit better!

To REMOVE the Inner Liner

Removal of the helmet visor will assist to more easily handle the helmet while you remove or replace the liner.

1. Remove the buckle from the strap

2. Slide the side clips downward in their slot to release.

3. Slide forward the 2 front cheek clips to release

4. With your thumbs press the chin at the edge of the helmet to unsnap the 3 front chin clips

5. Slide to release the chin strap end clips

6. Remove the crown and skirt from the helmet velcro and remove liner completely

REPLACE the Inner Liner

1. Slide the chin strap through the groove on the right side of helmet

2. Snap into place both left and right chin strap end clips

3. Snap all 3 front chin clips into the locked position

4. Snap front cheek clips

5. Snap both side clips

6. Massage liner onto Velcro at the edge of the helmet shell


The G35 has dual audible altimeter pockets located internally on each side of the helmet. Slide your audible into the pocket with the audible speaker facing your ear.