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National’s Back Parachute was developed with the pilot in mind and is our most popular model. The teardrop shape provides flexibility and maximum comfort even in the tightest cockpits. The shape and size make this model the most all-around universal parachute.

  • National parachutes are the choice of numerous aerobatics champions and professionals.
  • With over 20,000 parachutes sold, National has an established and proven track record.
  • From day one, our parachutes were designed thin, lightweight and with your comfort in mind.
  • Extended Warranty (Five-Year Owner Protection Plan) for our Phantom AeroStar parachutes.
  • We offer not only three models (Back, Seat and Chair) we also offer three canopy sizes to best suit the pilot’s weight. Why wear an improperly sized parachute?
  • A properly fitting harness is important. Our design incorporates a user-adjustable main lift web (hip junction). Other harnesses are permanently sewn at the hip.
  • With 44 continuous years of service, National passed the “test of time.”


  • PREMIUM SERIES: “Plain” container in 3 standard colors: Black or Navy or Red with Black Trim / Harness and straight line quilting. No hardware changes.
  • Long-wearing nylon Parapack Container with laminated foam for the inner layer of the container (giving a soft more professional touch). •
  • Elimination of Velcro on the container flaps/covers.
  • I.D. monogram on main lift web.
  • Position for orange warning label – on the lower portion of back comfort pad.
  • Size indication (360 / 425 / Flat / 490 etc.) is now located/marked on the Orange Warning Label.
  • More accessible TSO ID tag which now “pulls out” from the bottom of right shoulder flap cover (can be read even when wearing parachute).
  • Premium Back Parachutes offer choice of 4 sizes (360 / 425 / FLAT / 490) based on pilot weight (FLAT has rectangular shape, not tapered)
  • Back, shoulder and leg pads for comfort.
  • Full riser covers for safety.
  • MAGNUM State Of The Art super fast inflating “space age design” pilot chute.
  • Shipped fully assembled, freshly packed & ready for use (180-day repack cycle).